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Jan 29 2009, 10:22 PM
They could kill off Mickey, but I get a sneaky suspicion that it will be Marlena long distance sort of.

DHall said that her character had been apparently retired from the show sounding like forever. She was careful not to mention John.

Now, how else could they bring John back in the middle of the fight for the energy thing. Help big brother Stephano or stack the tables in Titan with his son and the grandfather of Brady's deceased mother. That plot has got to thicken.

The battle between the DiMera's and the Kiriakis' should be heating up and John should be a player. But one detail has to go and that is Marlena.

That is the only one that makes sense at the moment still 2 hrs away (CST) from Corday's announcement.

Although with Corday doing it this way, he is trying for press and stirring up the "fans." Trying one of JReilly's (may he r.i.p.) old tricks or maybe channeling Reilley. *giggle*

So we wait. Hope Corday knows that old-time Days fans are so used to the grandstanding that for some of us it is a lot like water rolling off a duck's back.


I know Marlena is already fired so it would be redundant to double-fire her, but to make sure we know she is never coming back.

SOD's poll showed Kayla and Steve to be top favorites, Corday would be cutting his throat on that one.

Bo and Hope, there is definately a question on that couple.

Abe and Lexie? Why. That is the only minority couple he has on Days.

Tony and Anna? They appear so few times.

Doug and Julie? Same thing appearing very few times.

We will wait for Corday's little grandstanding

:funny: Loved your comments, I still can't believe that Corday continues to TRASH this show!! RIP Days! This just SUCKS!
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