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Jan 30 2009, 09:23 AM
You know I've been thinking about this alot over the last couple of days. I agree with alot of you who say that AZ is the "A" star on the show right now. But, my thoughts are, with this current storyline playing out like it is, the writers sure are writing her in a corner. That's the only thing that a think would lend credence to this rumor. I'm not sure how they can bring her back from this. I'm not saying that some good writers couldn't, but, as we all know, Days is not fortunate enough to have good writers.
I donīt think they are writing her into a corner. She will have a huge fall, sure, but nothing she canīt shake off. I mean, this the same woman who paid a crazy teen to murder her own husband. They are already making sure she has someone to lean on after the truth is out and I think as long as Higley is there they will never write her completely unsympathetic or loony.

The only thing which is written into a corner is her relationship with EJ.

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