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Jan 30 2009, 02:09 PM
Jan 30 2009, 09:51 AM
I don't see how either Nicole or her relationship with EJ are in a permanent corner. Yes, what Nicole is doing is awful. But many would have thought EJ could not be redeemed after his numerous felonies and his psychopathic behavior. But after a quick conversation with God and a subsequent five-minute half-assed retconned whitewash of a non-apology, he was having a (very brief) sexual relationship with the woman who claimed he had raped her and who, whatever you thought of 12/29, was definitely guilty of trying to murder half her family, including the man she repeatedly said was her true love--though, apparently the show wants us to forget that since Sami herself as far as I know never learned that EJ locked Lucas into the freezer truck.

Sami's still on canvas after trying to sell her baby sister on the black market, raping Austin, blackmailing Lexie to lie to her own sister, and numberless other peccadilloes. Some people still desperately want her romantically with the man who she's sworn to keep his child from forever.

So, I don't see how Nicole has been written into a corner. Apparently, on this show, anyone can come back from anything.
I like your post, but one thing about Nicole is that she is never permanent. She was brought on when Ali got pregnant (in real life) for the storyline they had prepared for the duration of her pregnancy and mat leave.
That's rubbish. Ari was approached about returning back in December 2007.

And I don't agree that Nicole is written "to be hated by most". She's irrational and slightly nuts but still has major rooting value.
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