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Jan 30 2009, 11:26 AM
I am going to be honest - if any actor has any opportunity outside of Days to make a living - TAKE IT! DOOL is not a stable gig! Let's face it if they fired D&D it is not a Stable gig. Get out while you can and make a living! Staying with Days would be a stupid move! So if James gets an offer to make money at a different gig be it acting or just in private business I say Run James Run! And that goes for any actor or production person at Days for that matter.

The problem is there are some cast members that may not be marketable or Days is the only thing they have done for years and years and they are so typed cast that it would be hard to score another gig! It is for those people who need Days more than Days needs them that I feel sorry for.

So when Cast members leave like Blake, Deidre, Darin (not sure if he is leaving),- who I think can do other things in the business and out and have other projects they do I think - good for them. I know that many actors have side projects - Ali has TBL hosting gig plus many charities she works with, MBE has a pie company, Ari and Kristen have their Jewlry lines, Lauren has her organic fruit company, James has his side companies and various charities he works with. James R has his theatre and charities, Nadia is going to be releasing a CD soon .... Almost all the cast members give time to charities ...
Seriously, what acting gig is stable. As vet you are threatened by the paycuts, writers unability to write for you and networks neverending quest for younger viewers.

When you are young and/or newbie, you are threatened by the TPTB changes, longterm fans doing hate campaigns against every new characters hogging the airtime and 10 000 actors who can easily replace you if you as much as look bad at the EP.

And primetime is even worse. Look at Darin. He has a pilot on cable TV, yes. Itīs not at all sure the pilot will be picked up. And even if it is, there is really small chance it will survive beyond the initial 5 or so episodes. And even if it survives he will no doubt still make much less than on DAYS (not per episode, but overall).

I mean, there is a reason why even JKJ stayed at the end. Times are tough and the EPīs know very well the actors are shaking in their boots to not be the next.

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