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Jan 30 2009, 02:09 PM
Jan 30 2009, 09:51 AM
I don't see how either Nicole or her relationship with EJ are in a permanent corner. Yes, what Nicole is doing is awful. But many would have thought EJ could not be redeemed after his numerous felonies and his psychopathic behavior. But after a quick conversation with God and a subsequent five-minute half-assed retconned whitewash of a non-apology, he was having a (very brief) sexual relationship with the woman who claimed he had raped her and who, whatever you thought of 12/29, was definitely guilty of trying to murder half her family, including the man she repeatedly said was her true love--though, apparently the show wants us to forget that since Sami herself as far as I know never learned that EJ locked Lucas into the freezer truck.

Sami's still on canvas after trying to sell her baby sister on the black market, raping Austin, blackmailing Lexie to lie to her own sister, and numberless other peccadilloes. Some people still desperately want her romantically with the man who she's sworn to keep his child from forever.

So, I don't see how Nicole has been written into a corner. Apparently, on this show, anyone can come back from anything.
I like your post, but one thing about Nicole is that she is never permanent. She was brought on when Ali got pregnant (in real life) for the storyline they had prepared for the duration of her pregnancy and mat leave. Ari carried on the show while Sami couldn't (and did a great job, I might add). Now if my suspicions are correct and they are writing Days as Passions (Ethan/EJ, Gwen/Nicole, Theressa/Sami), then Ari might stay on until the end, and I have no doubt that Nicole and EJ will get married - how else would Victor, Lucas, and Sami's warnings come into play? Still, Nicole's character is written as someone disturbed, selfish, and to be hated by most. Most just want to see what's coming to her. She's always been that way.
I don't think she was just brought on for Ali's maternity leave. I do think she was brought on with the intention of her being the "interloper" for EJAMI. Having said that, I think that Ari has created quite a stir and could fit in many other storylines given the right opportunity.

My initial thought was, that tptb had painted her in a corner. But, given that I haven't been tuning in, I was thinking more as a rational person, not as a "soap" minded person, if that makes sense. Soaps don't think like we do in the day to day world, and as Paxton said, so many of the characters on Days might seem unredeemable at some point, but have come thru it. So, I'm thinking now, she probably can come thru this. I still think tptb are writing her awful BSC at the moment and they are going to have to pull back from that IMO so that she can be redeemed.

I do also think Ari has quite a following, so I don't think she's necessarily "hated by most", surely hated by some. I personally don't like the direction they've taken with the STORY for Nicole this go around, but I've always appreciated the character of Nicole. I think Ari is a very talented actress. I'm anxious to see, if she's staying, what storyline she'll be involved in next.
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