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Jan 30 2009, 05:38 PM
John said sometime around 1995-97 that he hated how Victor got pushed around by some "teens".

As for Matthew, I don't know if he was vocal. But I've read that he, John and some other actors used to talk alot with the producers and come with suggestions about scenes and such, pre-91. But when Langan came that changed. Matt was fired in 91 and cleared out his dressing room but in the last minute NBC stepped in so Matt got to keep his job on Days. But he was written much worse those two years, just like he was when he came back in 2001 when Langan was writing. Some producers/writers trash characters they want gone so fans won't like (or care about) them anymore.
That is pretty much what they did to MBE at that time. In fact, the preciptating event was Steve's death scene. MBE thought it was appropriate for Kayla to crawl up onto Steve's hospital bed and hold him. The producers were all about minimizing the mourning and made her promise not to do it. She did it anyway - she felt it was in character and the fans deserved a good final scene for S&K after all of the years of their love story. After that, she felt like the producers were not interested in Kayla's character integrity. She fought for it as much as she could (along with Charles Shaughnessy, Shane, in some instances) so that in the end when they did not renew her contract it was almost mutual (although MBE has said that she did not think she would have otherwise left on her own).

As far as Ed Scott's "you pout, your out", I wonder something entirely different. Something like where the actors who were big Ed Scott fans (and his collaborative style) might not be held in high regard by the current writing regime.

You are right about Matt Ashford's point that prior to that time there was a lot of actor input and creative collaboration with the producers and writers. I think the loss of that was *one* of the reasons SN desired to move on from Days back then.
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