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Jan 30 2009, 05:15 PM
Jan 30 2009, 03:33 PM
I don't think she was just brought on for Ali's maternity leave. I do think she was brought on with the intention of her being the "interloper" for EJAMI. Having said that, I think that Ari has created quite a stir and could fit in many other storylines given the right opportunity.

I initially got the impression she was brought back as a catalyst for EJami, as interloper...but for some reason, maybe Ari's talent or EJ/Nicole chemistry or AS's request, I think that Sami will become the interloper for Ejole...especially if she is wants to break up their wedding.

Great post, Pax! You put it perfectly.
I still haven't seen anything that Nicole has done that is worse than what EJ has done. I don't know how any of these people can be mad at the other, especially Sami. She is just as bad as the other two. I am still waiting for her to get her due for the last Carrie/Austin "she can't have your kids because they will be deformed" debacle...so it makes me laugh when I see that people want Nicole to get her due. Don't they all need to get their due? Even EJ? Is this his due?
^ :applause:
Thank You! Just when has Sami EVER paid??? EVER???

Nicole is a character that can certainly be redeemed. This past week w/her scenes w/Mia and Dr. Baker just proves that people are rooting for her...because AZ SELLS it! If it was another mediocre actress, then maybe most people hate Nicole.

Nicole ALWAYS gets her due...but she always picks herself up and tries again. She's a survivor and that's why I like her!

Acting is a profession that is always unstable....the most stable would be staying in a soap. Sure, these Days soaps have a limited shelf life but speculation is just that...we dont know what can happen the next couple of years to Days or other soaps...just look at GL...that show is the bottom of the ratings and have yet to be canceled.
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