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Queen Hoochie

Jan 30 2009, 05:38 PM
John said sometime around 1995-97 that he hated how Victor got pushed around by some "teens".

As for Matthew, I don't know if he was vocal. But I've read that he, John and some other actors used to talk alot with the producers and come with suggestions about scenes and such, pre-91. But when Langan came that changed. Matt was fired in 91 and cleared out his dressing room but in the last minute NBC stepped in so Matt got to keep his job on Days. But he was written much worse those two years, just like he was when he came back in 2001 when Langan was writing. Some producers/writers trash characters they want gone so fans won't like (or care about) them anymore.
It's common knowledge that JER hated Thaao, Matt, and John. Thaao criticized the idea of Tony and Kristen being engaged when they were introduced to Salem as a couple. He said the fans want a build up. He was right. Then Thaao wasn't happy when Tony was blind yet didn't understand the sex noises from John and Kristen. Thaao said, "he's blind not dumb." Then JER was quoted as saying he was going to put the nail in Tony's coffin after that comment by Thaao.

I don't think it's pout and your out. I think it's paychecks and the writers non interest in the vets.
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