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Dr. Chip

I will have to say that I was surprised by Deidre's webchat when she was asked if she and Drake were friends, and she said they did not have a relationship outside of work. There was something odd, I thought, about the way she said it. I don't know.

But I don't believe the insider's comments. I think Corday needed to cut a huge chunk in the budget, and the easiest, fastest way to do it was to fire two of the biggest-paid stars. I think it was a stupid, costly solution, but I think it was all about the money. It's cost him this viewer, not just for this act but for a pattern of disrespect for fans and actors alike the last several years.

Tongue in cheek for this next comment, but I wonder if the "insider" was Molly Burnett, who was jealous that the John/Marlena scenes were eating up 5 more minutes of each episode that could have featured her overextended character. :-)
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