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Dr. Chip

Loved that quote from Thaao about scientists opening up his brain and wondering what he was thinking.

I'm sure Thaao doesn't come cheap, and I understand the strategy of cutting this character. Even in the DiMera scenes, he doesn't seem to fit in anymore. It's just the sloppy way the show has been written lately, but I've never understood how Tony could come off a 20-year captivity on a faraway island, scold Stefano, and then move in with him. Weird.

What bugs me is the disrespect shown this actor, as he was one of the ones fired under the Stalker storyline, then brought back, only to be killed for, what, the third or fourth time now? He's just a useless Emmy nominee, right?

And it was obvious from the beginning that no one knew what to do with Leann Hunley. I never dreamed we would see this awesome actress on this show again, and they wasted her. Wonder if she'll even come back once Tony's killed. Leann has never had trouble finding work, and I think she should not answer the phone if this show calls her again.
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