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Jan 31 2009, 10:56 PM
Jan 31 2009, 06:53 PM
People are going to believe what they want. There is an argument on both sides IMO. I, personally, doubt they hate each other but I do believe they aren't as close as they seem nor I do I think they are as close as they once were. I sensed they had a falling out years ago and that both would've been excited about new pairings/stories.

I'm over this though. They're gone. I just want a J&M free period for awhile. It's been running nonstop since November. I'm ready to focus on those who are still with the show and what the future may hold in that regard.
You sensed it?

Well I'm glad you're over it, I'm not. I'm sure you'd love for J&M and their fans to just fade away but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. It's still being talked about because it's still surprising to a lot of people that it happened at all. This J&M fan will not go quietly into this good night.

No one is forcing you to read or post in the J&M threads, and yet you always seem to show up in them.
i was actually saddened to see the thread had been deleted the first time because this discussion got heated. i was looking forward to seeing everyone's thoughts. i am a huge j&m fan and deidre hall is the reason i started watching the show. i do believe people are entitled to their opinions.
do i believe dee and drake hated each other. no i don't. but do i think they have had their moments, yes i do. could they have been in a middle of a moment when this all went down. of course. but we don't know.
if you ever played on a sports team you know you do not always get along equally with your teammates. but you always respect each other and you do love each other for the common journey you share. sometimes you hug after the game and sometimes you walk away, shake hands and come back the next day at practice. there are times you have a game, leave the field, have a beer and tell each other "i love you man or woman!" no matter what.
dee and drake were kindred spirits or a kinship of mutual respect and trust (that's what she said in her video). You don't have to be friends but you respect the journey you are on together and that's where i equate it to being on a team. no matter what, you stand by each other, you have history, you will do anything for that person but there are bumps along the road. to me from the things i have read and seen this is how i view dee and drake's relationship. it's a relationship that transcends traditional friendships but just like a ying to the yang there is a certain kinship, love, understanding, whatever you call it that remains. you don't spend 23 years together and not have that kind of understanding. and it's a very difficult thing to fake and if you ever been a part of any type of team you will get that.
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