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Jan 31 2009, 06:56 AM
Just WHO determines how supercouple should be used anyway? It's already been established on this thread that there are many reasons why it's OK for Tony and Anna to be referred to as a supercouple. Good grief.

Well I have pretty much come to the conclusion that any pairing on Days is a supercouple if there are a couple of fans for them. They use that term too loosely around there. Grant it Tony/Anna might have been a popular pairing in the past which I could give a bit more credit to than other pairings that get that tag.

They haven't used Thaao or the characters of Tony/Andre correctly for YEARS. They should have left it that Tony did all the crazy stuff. He just snapped after everything that happened in the past with Kristen wanting John to Stefano treating him like the second class citizen, etc. But then again putting logic and Days in the same sentence is a crazy idea in itself.

Not a real shocker here since they haven't used Thaao very well in a long time. They never did anything to make a pairing like Tony/Anna really work for newer viewers that didn't watch them back in the day. I honestly wonder why people go back to Days time and time again after they get fired by Corday. Makes me glad some of the younger actors who left/were fired leave and haven't looked back.
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