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The explosion does not surprise me. There had been rumors of something like that happening during sweeps. Any idea on the timing of this OBK? I'm assuming around late-end of February?

I have a feeling Chloe and Dan will be staying now and maybe one of them was supposed to die in the explosion. Just a sense I get judging by the change in tone to a more serious one in the past two weeks. I really do think both Chloe and Daniel, or at least one of them, was on the way out but the story and parings has it's fans so they may have changed things. I mean, they all but set it up with Chloe breaking it off with Lucas. Something changed and I figured as much. They wouldn't just end it like that so I figured she would continue to lie to Lucas and screw Dan.

I'm guessing the explosion is the big kickoff to sweeps and the fundraiser/murder will be the big sweeps event.

These are interesting. Stephanie/Brady and Philip/Melanie sounds good. I'm not against Philip/Melanie because I see her as nothing but a troublemaker in regards to Philip/Stephanie.

So happy to hear about more Maggie, Victor, and Abe and Lexie.

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