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Feb 1 2009, 02:13 PM
Lucas and Chloe have some scenes together with Allie but they don't appear to be "together." That's when Chloe has scenes with Ralph Waite.

Lucas has a confrontation with Maggie (it's POSSIBLE that Lucas may take a drink, this is my spec, not a spoiler), and the next day is when Chloe is in the explosion.
Ok, so if I understand this, Lucas, Chloe and Allie are all three in scenes with Ralph Waite, whoever he is? (Sorry, I'm old enough to have watched "The Waltons," but I really don't remember it. My parents watched very little TV.) Who is his character? Was it PhoenixRising who suggested he could be a new villain, perhaps tying into the casting call? I guess we don't know if Chloe survives or not. Interesting.

In other news, Philip and Melanie together continues to apall me as they have from the beginning. Amazing how just a few months ago Philip was still my favorite character and now I'm disgusted by him.

I doubt anything romantic will come of Stephanie/Brady. I wouldn't be so quick to say that, given how correct I was for being upset from the very first moment Phelony shared scenes, nor do I think Higley would have any compunction about penning a blood-related couple. However, I think Stephanie's still going to be in a triangle with Philip and Stephanie and Brady will likely be in a triangle with EJ and Nicole. Never say never with Higgles, though.

Thanks for posting, OBK! Always very much appreciated!
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