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Ive no doubt that Deidre and Drake have had ups and downs, good days and bad.. arguments and days filled with laughter.
Its always been very obvious that Victoria is or has been jealous.. and who could blame her.
Drake and Dee have always refered to eachother as their TV, or "Other" Husband/Wife.
They have some incredibly sexy and passionate experiences onscreen and that must be difficult.
They had a very real relationship for a year until it became known Victoria was expecting a child. Their affair ended ubruptly and Dee stepped aside.
Drake married on 12/31 and then Deidre married within a year. That one ended, but what Ive always wondered about was the fact they share a wedding anniversary 12/31(Or shared) ~next marriage~ ...kinda Odd IMO *LOL*... All in all Im sure it must have been difficult for everyone.

Drake has always remarked (Repeatedly and devoutly.....) How much he loves his wife, no doubt he felt he need to reassure her, considering all she is faced with. Im sure it must be VERY hard for his wife, especially faced with this legendary soap couple, she may have even had awful, hateful fan encounters some fans cantseperate actors from characters.

I can totally understand the they have not had a social friendship outside the studio. Its about respect, and probably best for everyone.

But I dont believe they hate eachother for a second, though Im sure they, like anyone have had rough times. I actually think the distance between them speaks volumes,.... and it doesnt speak of hate.. IMO it speaks of a strong trust and respect.
Considering 20 years working together their admitted trust and respect, certain revelations and emotions devulged at certain times.. I think the business relationship is a choice born of respect for Mrs Hogestyn.

Quite frankly this is all speculation, and many will believe what they want until its proven otherwise.
One thing that is fact *For most* and that is that John and Marlena were a great love story and they will be missed by millions.
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