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Cecily Smythe
Feb 2 2009, 02:05 AM
I have a bit of very general Lucas/Chloe info beyond the time-frame in the SOD/SOW preview. Maggie does eventually tell Lucas about Chloe & Daniel, and he calls off the engagement/breaks up with Chloe. He then falls off the wagon, and gets into a car accident while drunk. He is injured, but survives. (this happens late February).
I won't ask how you know but is your source reliable? If so, then that sounds good. Very good, actually.

It makes me think the show really has changed their minds. Chloe/Daniel were going to leave together but now maybe they are keeping them around. I can't see the secret coming out this quick through Maggie and one or both leaving because it kind of makes them save face a bit. It would've been worse for it all to come out near or at the wedding.

I have to wonder if between the explosion and the car accident, Lucas and Chloe come back together as long as she promises to be through with Daniel. Then she can't seem to stay away from him and betrays Lucas only for it to come out in the worse way possible at her wedding to Lucas. That would make it even worse!

I'm really getting into this story now LOL.
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