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Feb 2 2009, 03:51 AM
Feb 2 2009, 03:28 AM
I'm glad Maggie is getting airtime, but it's also a little sad because it just reminds me that Alice Horton will most likely never be seen again. :( but I am happy Maggie is the matriarch
That is the only downside and I have to wonder if that maybe why we are getting so much of her.

That and with Marlena gone, I think the show needs someone onscreen a good amount of the time to be the "talk-to" character and the person that kind of holds things together. The show needs a calming force and an emotional "heart" or "center" and who better then Maggie Horton, a member of Days' core family.

Many have been calling for Maggie to get more screentime for years and we are finally getting it. I'm pelased but I wish we could see Alice for sure.
Maggie getting screentime for whatever reason is always nice, but I'd guess it's probably because she's below her guarantee or something like that. Often when any actor is on a lot like this after having been largely offscreen for a while, that's why. Unfortunately, I don't think the show is motivated by anything more than that at this point.
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