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Feb 2 2009, 03:54 AM
Feb 2 2009, 03:51 AM

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Maggie getting screentime for whatever reason is always nice, but I'd guess it's probably because she's below her guarantee or something like that. Often when any actor is on a lot like this after having been largely offscreen for a while, that's why. Unfortunately, I don't think the show is motivated by anything more than that at this point.
Normally, I would agree but when is the last time MAGGIE saw this much airtime?

It's different for characters like Steve, Kayla, Bo, Hope, etc. Maggie is one who usually only appears in scenes at Chez Rouge or at family gatherings or something like that. In the past few months, they seem to have made an effort to involve her in things and not just have her appear. First, they tied her in with Melanie and now they got her involved in the Lucas/Chloe/Dan stuff. Not to mention they even had her be the one to find the killer. There is a difference between using somebody and just having them appear. They are actually using her.

This reminds me of the way they began using Caroline last year. It's like Maggie is filling the role she did in terms of screentime this year. Sure, after September, we no longer saw Caroline as much, ifat all. She kind of went back to her normal amount of screentime but we also got a solid 9 months of seeing Caroline around 8 times a month. Maggie is starting out that way this year too and I think that is great. I don't expect them to be frontburner but I do like them being used in supporting roles like this and I don't think it has anything to do with guarantees. It seems like certain writers and/or producers will sometimes pick a fave or someone they like and use them. I remember JER liked to use Caroline alot and he also used Julie alot his second run. Higley seemed to like using Caroline last year and Victor. Contrast that with some other writers in recent years and you will see that characters like Maggie did not get all that much at all so it depends on the regime in that regard IMO. I'm thinking Tomlin and/or Whitesell must like Maggie because since they came in we've seen more of her then we have in years.
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