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Feb 2 2009, 07:24 PM
I wasn't talking about any fan in particular, LoL. I'm talking about fanbases in general.

Another problem is that so many of the fanbases want something different from the show. Days is the only show that has so many individual fanbases who constantly pull the writers in every direction. One fanbase wants this, the other fanbase wants this, another fanbase wants that. The show and it's schizo writing has allowed for the development of these unyielding fanbases and now the writers are in a situation where no matter what they do, they're going to make some fanbase angry. It's been that way for years now, IMO.

Corday's interference doesn't help, of course. It also doesn't help when you have writers like Dena Higley who just don't get the show at all.
I know you weren't talking about any particular fan, I was simply replying from my own point of view since I don't think I can speak for a whole fanbase.

I really don't think fan bases have anything to do with what happens on screen. The last time the show was pretty popular was when Reilly was writing in the 90s, and that's because the show had a singular vision and you didn't have a lot of interference from the network or Corday. Of course you did have some interference from the network, but I think ultimately Reilly got his way and was allowed to write story after story that had some good consistency. Once Corday started hiring bad writer after bad writer you had a show that just threw shit at the fans, and when nothing seemed to work they blamed the fans for being unable to please. I don't buy that it's ever the fans fault, other than Days cultivated a core audience that tuned in for romance and adventure, and not bed-hopping couples. When they stopped writing for that audience, they lost their way.
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