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Feb 2 2009, 09:19 PM
Feb 2 2009, 08:19 PM
If Days doesn't or didn't listen to fanbases then why do fanbases still collect money to send in "gifts" that symbolize their couples or participate in letter writing campaigns?

I mean it has to have worked for fanbases at least a couple of times or these groups wouldn't keep doing what they are doing would they?

The first fan base I remember sending a gift that made an impact to someone other than the actors was the Mike & Carrie fans. They sent roses or something to SSM. They were very vocal and organized in their campaigning and it made their fan base seem bigger than it actually was. Suddenly C&M were the rooting couple and Austin was the odd man out. The show then decided if they could break up Austin & Carrie, they no super couple was safe.

Despite having contributed to many campaigns over the years I really don't think they work, and I don't think they should work as far as dictating story. The writer should have an understanding of the characters and know the boundaries that can be pushed. Unfortunately, the suits in charge force their focus group opinions on the show and combined with one bad head writer after another, no one ends up satisified.
You nailed it, as usual LOL
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