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Jan 27 2009, 06:35 AM
Why? Seeing that Bo and Kayla are close siblings, and Bo/Hope and Steve/Kayla are closer in age than John and Marlena are to them, what's the big deal? Are you begrudging this enjoyment for the people who LIKE the four of them together?
I'm sorry, but I'm still mad about everything on this show having STILL to do with the demise of J&M. FRIGGIN' LIFE GOES ON. Damn.
Life is going on, but now we can't express how we feel?

I've watched a long time. Just because J&M have left, we have to say we prefer Bope and Payla? Why? It was one comment amongst many.

I personally have always loved John with Bo, Hope, Kayla, and Steve. I remember it from the 80s, when John was Roman. He had a great relationship with Bo, Hope, Kayla, and I enjoyed his pseudo-adversial relationship with Steve. I loved that once he became John, Bo and Kayla stuck by him. I've loved that relationship through the years. Similarly, Bo was always very close to Marlena early on, protective of her when he thought Roman was dead. When she came back, he was her champion. I've enjoyed their relationship through the years, and I loved the fact that John and Marlena were pretty much adopted Brady's until recent years. I like all of these characters together.

Maybe my life is different, but I don't get this ageism. My friends are various ages around me, including an ex-boss whose retired and a much younger couple who live near us. I don't have all friends in one age bracket to be friends. I like the differences. It keeps thinks fun and interesting. We have a great time together, I think because we have so much diversity amongst us.

Life does go on. We all have good memories and different likes and dislikes. Everyone has a right to an opinion without being ranted on for liking J&M with Bope and/or Payla.
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