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Feb 3 2009, 01:04 AM
The fans have a right to want what they want but you have to admit that even with an intelligent person at the helm, it would be difficult to deal with all the different types of fans who want different things or styles. There will always be people unhappy.

That is why no matter who is producer or head writer, I will always sympathize. That doesn't mean I excuse the shit writers do or what Corday does but I think it would still be a hard job regardless. I always say put yourselves in their shoes and examine the situation. I don't think anyone can begin to know unless they are actually in that position but it helps put things in perspective.

On the other hand, if Corday hadn't done half the shit he did in the past decade or so, the show may not have created the situation it's in so it does tie back to him.
I really think it comes down to having decent writers and faith in their direction.

I look at the Sami quadrangle. What a mess that is, and all because tptb are so afraid of alienating a fanbase. Had they made any kind of decision ages ago, it wouldn't have gotten this bad, but they keep trying to make everyone happy, which in the end makes no one happy. If they had just focused on good story and let things play out, it wouldn't be this mess. They could have moved on with interesting stories for all the characters involved vs. this endless couple swapping, and an end result where you really don't feel any of these couples are in love (at least I don't).

As for couples that are already together like Bope, J&M, and Payla, it can be trickier imo because of their strong love stories. But if the writers stuck to their guns (I'm assuming the writing of real stories vs. sleazy dr. feel-up and elevator sex), they could write stories that are interesting for them, having conflict, etc.

I know a lot of J&M fans who hated Ava this year, but I liked the idea of Ava accepting new John when no one else did. I just hated how they depicted Marlena to have it happen. There was no reason they couldn't have had John as just this new evil-inclined incarnation of Stefano without them having Marlena rant about his memories and stupid disk.

Personally, I'd have gone for this not being 'her' John but someone Stefano created from John (I know that goes into weird sci-fi that some don't like). I admit there's a big thing for me about John and Marlena's love being special that always hooked me. I think him not really being John would have been interesting. They could have moved separate ways, been free for other relationships, and who knows, eventually find a connection together years down the road. It would have opened lots of story, imo. Some of my favorite stories actually were when they weren't a couple, but friends. I know tptb don't want to write for older folks though, so I guess it's a moot point.

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