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Feb 2 2009, 11:06 PM
Feb 2 2009, 10:15 PM

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Yep. They made Tony a blood DiMera with no explanation really. The real Tony would have dumped Kristen on her ass. Tony hated lying women. He never would have tolerated that.

Thaao totally rocked the Aremid stuff though.

It only took JER a few months to kill off Tony again in 04. His death scene at the hospital was amazing. Then the island, castle, Stan, and island again stuff was total crap.
Up until the actual suicide portion of Aremid, where I think Thaao totally rocked as the evilly calculating Tony (I really can't see anyone else playing those scenes), I hated the story with him, Kristen, and John. It really didn't ring true to me for any of the characters.

I didn't get Tony being obsessed with Kristen at all. Why would he be so hard up for this woman? I remembered Tony's love for Anna and Renee (at that time, I didn't think he was Andre). It just seemed stupid that he was so in love with Kristen when she wasn't in love with him. It made no sense.

I hated John being so obsessed with her too. I never got why at all. It was all way too contrived for me. I rooted for John to have an affair with Marlena, but I honestly hate unfaithfulness in a spouse. Now here he was going after Tony's wife. I know they had the thin explanation that as Stefano's son he was 'evil' like Stefano, but it was so unsubstantiated in general. I just watched thinking this makes no sense the whole time.

But Aremid is one of my favorite stories.

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