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CDN TV Guide spoilers

Bo urges Hope to give their relationship another shot; Philip threatens to destroy Melanie if she crosses him.

Mia is offended by Nicole's tone of voice on the phone; Philip is suspicious of Melanie and demands to know what she's up to; Steve is concerned when Kayla tries to leave the hospital in order to defend Hope at the hearing.

Philip misreads a conversation between Brady and EJ and believes that Brady is betraying him; Kate and Daniel share a close moment at the hospital.

Chloe confides in Father Matt about her love for Lucas and Daniel; Chelsea tells Stephanie about Max kissing her, and Stephanie seems okay with the news.

Stephanie interrupts a close moment between Melanie and Philip; Stefano worries that Melanie will ruin the DiMeras.

For the week of February 16th:

---Philip interrupted Melanie and EJ's little tete-a-tete. When EJ left, Philip grabbed Melanie and told her he knew what she was up to. Melanie promised to keep the fuel project with Titan, if Philip did something for her in return. What might that be? She wanted him to dump Stephanie! Philip refused, and promised to destroy Melanie if she double-crossed him.

---These two finally admitted something was up between them, besides friendship. Actually, Chelsea was the first to admit it, saying she wanted more than a friend. They kissed, and, naturally, Melanie witnessed this and congratulated them. Chelsea told Stephanie, who was surprised and, surprisingly, okay with it. Chelsea urged her friend not to give up on Philip.

---While EJ let Melanie know, in no uncertain terms, that he was the boss, across town, Victor was doing the same thing with Philip. Victor pitted him and Brady against each other, causing Philip to declare he could handle the fuel project alone. His next step was to show up at the DiMera Mansion to confront EJ. Tony tried to intercede, but EJ said he'd already won because Philip had insisted on making things personal with Melanie. Philip headed over to confront Melanie, next. With a hot kiss......

---Stephanie confided in her parents and realized that maybe, just maybe, things weren't really meant to be with her and Philip. He tried to make amends, but she told him she just couldn't do it. She decided to confront Melanie, but really didn't like what she saw there – the lip-lock between Melanie and Philip; Philip insisted he was in love with Melanie. Crushed Stephanie left, leaving Melanie to tell Philip she was onto him. She kicked him out, just in time for Stephanie to return, and slap her in the face.

---Chloe ran into Lucas, and realized she still loved him. She found herself sobbing on a park bench and a priest, Father Matt, approached. Chloe confided her troubles and Father Matt suggested she ask God for a sign. Chloe got a call – from Daniel – and decided that was her sign. She went to meet him at his apartment, where he told her that Kate was in remission. That meant they could leave town together. Daniel got a page and headed for the hospital, while drunk Lucas headed for his apartment. Instead of Daniel, Lucas got hit in the face -- with a huge explosion.......

---Maggie had a busy week, as well. She started it by laying into Daniel, telling him he needed to clue Kate in about his affair. Then, she heard from Melanie that Lucas had fallen off (way off) the wagon. She tracked Lucas down at the Cheatin' Heart, where she found him feeling extremely sorry for himself, and drunk. Maggie told him about Chloe's affair. He tricked Maggie to get her out of the bar, then went to track down Daniel.

---There continued to be trouble in paradise for Nicole. She got another call from Mia, who she told to never call again. Then Brady showed up and tried to find out exactly what had happened between Nicole and Dr. Baker. Nicole managed to cover, then called Dr. Baker, who insisted Brady was in love with her. Flustered Nicole asked EJ to make love. When EJ pointed out that she'd just given birth, she managed to cover, again. Then she learned that Sami was coming home. EJ reassured her, but Nicole still had a nightmare that he took Sydney and returned her to her real mother. Just how long before that comes true? Especially now that Philip has overheard Nicole and Brady conspiring.

---Hope's hearing took place. Both Bo and Kayla tried to defend her, but Hope was forced to give Bo her gun and badge. She was reeling from her suspension and the possibility of losing her job when Bo begged her for another chance, but there seems to be no sign of reconciliation yet.

**UPDATED 2/10**

Daytime Dial spoilers


Chelsea tells Stephanie about Max kissing her.

Chloe confides in a priest about her love for Lucas and Daniel.

Hope has her hearing and is forced to give up her badge and gun.

Philip realizes Nicole and Brady are keeping a secret from EJ.

Kate admits to Victor that she’d like to rekindle things with Daniel.

Thursday – Maggie tells Lucas about Chloe and Daniel’s affair.

Friday – Stephanie slaps Melanie after witnessing her and Philip kiss.


**UPDATED 2/11**

Hope is suspended from the Salem PD.
Nicole learns Sami is coming home.
Kate reconsiders an old relationship.
Tony warns EJ about waging war on the Kiriakis family.


Lucas orders a drink.
There's a huge explosion at Daniel's apartment.
Chelsea blurts out to Max that she wants more than friendship with him.

Daily spoilers

Monday, February 16th
Nicole snaps at Mia; Brady tells Dr. Baker to stop blackmailing Nicole; Philip gets suspicious of Melanie; Max and Chelsea have an argument; Kayla tries to leave the hospital to defend Hope at her hearing.

Tuesday, February 17th
Nicole gets upset when she learns Sami is coming home; Melanie confesses her feelings to Philip; Chelsea and Max share a kiss; Bo asks Hope for another chance; Kayla worries about Hope and Bo's relationship.

Wednesday, February 18th
Chloe realizes she loves Daniel and Lucas; Lucas succumbs to temptation and has a drink; Philip is furious when Victor lets Brady close a deal with a client; Kate tells Victor that she wants to rekindle her relationship with Daniel.

Thursday, February 19th
Philip confesses his true feelings to Melanie; Stephanie and Chelsea meet on the pier; Daniel gets Kate's test results; Maggie tells Lucas about Chloe's affair with Daniel; Father Matt tells Chloe to ask God for a sign.

Friday, February 20th
Daniel tells Chloe they can now tell Lucas and Kate the truth about their relationship; Lucas decides to confront Daniel; Stephanie confronts Melanie and Philip; Nicole asks Brady if he is in love with her.

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