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Feb 4 2009, 12:03 AM
Feb 3 2009, 11:02 PM
Bo urges Hope to give their relationship another shot
OMG! This is so ridiculous and insulting to Bo and Hope fans. After all that they've been through, Higley honestly expects us to believe that this ridiculous bump in the road is a calamity disastrous enough to lead Bo and Hope down the road of divorce? Higley honestly expects us to believe that Hope is willing to leave Bo -- the love her life and the father of her children -- all because he didn't tell her about a stupid psychic vision?

Give me a break with this crap!

I had to re-read that spoiler TWICE. Are they fucking kidding???? This is beyond ridiculous. Beyond. As if this would be enough for them to even come to that.

Wow, I am actually laughing out LOUD at this stupid spoiler!

I forgot to add that stupid shit like this keeps me from watching. The show is so utterly bad...even down to the dialogue and production. I'm so ashamed I ever watched DOOL, ugh....pretty much looking forward to the plug being pulled, so I can re-live my glory years (also known as late 98 - 01!). :D
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