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Feb 4 2009, 02:33 AM
"Maggie told him about Chloe's affair."

I knew it!

Rather than a big, dramatic reveal at the wedding, we're being treated to Maggie randomly blurting it out to him at the Cheatin' Heart. It takes all the air out of the already trite story and completely deflates it.

The Bo/Hope stuff sounds contrived and boring. So does Chloe's "realization" that Daniel is the one for her. Also, way too much of the Phillip/Stephanie/Melanie story. I can already tell they'll be on every single day.

Another week I won't be watching. Thanks, Angie! :)
Uh...the story is clearly not over.

Chloe realizes she still loves Lucas and something tells me this explosion brings her and Lucas back together. The story is far from over and that much is clear so it's not the climax. Let's also remember Lucas is already drunk. Something tells me he won't even remember hearing the truth.

I don't see the explosion as random either until we hear why it happens.

As for Melanie/Philip/Stephanie, they have barely been on at all in the last 3 weeks so it's about time they go back to featuring them again.

As for Bo and Hope, I will just leave that alone because I don't think anyone is phoning it in and while I do think it could be handled better, it makes sense to me and I will just leave it at that.
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