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This week's SOD and SOW both feature articles about the Chloe/Lucas story. SOW features an interview with Nadia Bjorlin, and SOD features an interview with Bryan Dattilo.

Kate pressures Lucas and Chloe to set a wedding date. Bjorlin explains to SOW that Kate wants to see Lucas and Chloe married and happy, and that "Chloe's thinking, 'Well if I do go ahead and set a wedding date, I'll be able to focus on that and wash that man right out of my hair'", referring to Daniel. Dattilo explains to SOD that Lucas is concerned that Chloe's acting strange, but "there's always something that throws him off the trail of suspicion".

Chloe and Lucas set a date, and then they go with Kate to Chez Rouge for a hospital fundraiser. In order to get Maggie to stop bothering her, Chloe tells Maggie that she and Lucas have set a date. Maggie asks Chloe if Daniel knows that they've set a date, but Chloe tells Maggie that it's none of Daniel's business and that she's moved on.

Daniel shows up at the fundraiser, and he and Chloe are constantly looking at each other. Then Kate makes a speech about how Daniel saved her life. Bjorlin says that "Kate goes on about her two wonderful heroes, Daniel and Chloe. It makes Chloe feel like crap, because Kate doesn't know her and Daniel's sordid secret."

Lucas then offers to donate $1,000 if Chloe will sing for everyone. Chloe starts singing a love song to Lucas, and Dattilo says that Lucas thinks, "A woman must really love you if she writes a song for you and sings it to you in front of people." But, Chloe sees Daniel over Lucas's shoulder the whole time, and according to Bjorlin, "Chloe realizes the words coming out of her mouth are more about Daniel than Lucas." By the end of the song, Chloe can't handle it and runs off.

Lucas and Chloe meet up at the pier, where Chloe tells Lucas she can't marry him and gives him back his ring. She tells him that she doesn't deserve someone like him, but Lucas knows he's not getting the truth from her. Chloe leaves and goes to Daniel's apartment, and Lucas then runs into Kate. Lucas tells Kate what happened, and Kate says, "I told you she'd do this", which makes Lucas even more upset. Dattilo says that Lucas is "confused, upset, hurt, bewildered and ready to give up on trying to do the right thing. He's learning that it doesn't do him any good to be noble and stay on the wagon because things always go wrong."

Meanwhile, at Daniel's apartment, Chloe suggests to him that they run away together. Daniel says no, and he tells Chloe that they don't have to run away together in order to be together. He tells her they haven't done anything wrong. Chloe thinks they have done something wrong, since she slept with Daniel while wearing Lucas's ring. Daniel wants to tell people about the two of them, but Chloe isn't ready for that yet. Bjorlin says that "that's why [Chloe] wants to run off. She doesn't want to be around to face the music when the truth comes out."
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