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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Feb 4 2009, 02:33 AM
"Maggie told him about Chloe's affair."

I knew it!

Rather than a big, dramatic reveal at the wedding, we're being treated to Maggie randomly blurting it out to him at the Cheatin' Heart. It takes all the air out of the already trite story and completely deflates it.

The Bo/Hope stuff sounds contrived and boring. So does Chloe's "realization" that Daniel is the one for her. Also, way too much of the Phillip/Stephanie/Melanie story. I can already tell they'll be on every single day.

Another week I won't be watching. Thanks, Angie! :)
OK so Lucas falls off the wagon BEFORE Maggie tells him about the affair? WTF? Did I miss something? And she decides in the midst of seeing him drunk to give him even more bad news? Wouldn't it make more sense that Maggie would go to the Cheatin Heart with every intention of telling him the truth but then upon seeing him hold back that information and in true soap opera fashion that Maggie and Chloe would drag out the secret longer in the fears that if he knew he would totally give up on sobriety?

And good grief at the explosion. I mean I'm never against seeing Lucas humiliated/watching things literal or figurative blow up in his face, but this sounds like Higley found some unused script from the Brady vs. DiMera saga and Andre's unabomber days in some drawer somewhere. If that's where the show is going, then here's hoping she brings back Andre in the clown suit or crossdressing Trandre one more time before Thaao leaves too.

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