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Feb 4 2009, 01:12 PM
Kristian reasoned this out just like Peter did in SOW last week and I agree.

I really think the psychic stuff has set people up not to like the conflict.

Bo has lied to Hope before. Hope has lied to Bo before. The last lie came when their son died. They promised never to do this again. Someone nearly died because of this. How is this not big enough to cause problems? As Kristian says, Hope needs time. She is pissed beyond belief and with good reason. It does make sense.

I've already said I understand why he didn't tell her or Kayla and, even if I didn't sometimes people do make mistakes. It happens all the time in real life and people wonder why someone did it. This is no worse then the 90's when not talking about something would keep couples apart. Those were stupid misunderstandings. At least this has some merit and exposes the fact that they still have trust issues and they are drawing upon history for that.

I can't wait to see the scenes.
Remember the saying, 'fool me once, shame on you......fool me twice shame on me? That is how I feel about this. The last reunion was poorly written because they didn't work through squat so now here we are again a few years later going through it all again.

I'm tired of Bo being a dumbass and repeating mistakes and I'mtired of Hope's kneejerk reaction being to leave him.

The burning question is who will they sleep with? Hope with Daniel or Rafe and who for Bo? Anna? Melanie?
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