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Feb 4 2009, 03:36 AM
Phillip and Melanie, I like.

I don't quite understand the Daniel/Chloe story. Why are they trying to make it more than it is? It's just sex, leave it at that .... DAYS always tries to retract that and make it about "true love." This kind of reminds me Phyllis and Nick from Y&R, but much, much worse!
i dont understand the chloe/lucas pairing. she doesnt love him and i dont think that he loves her. this pairing was just ridiculous to begin with, therefore i cant imagine why the triangle. is there anyone that wants chloe and lucas together? it just doesnt make any sense.

and why would you even compare phyllis and nick to them, unless you are a sharon/nick fan. Four years later, nick and phyllis are still married (although he and sharon are cheating at the moment). please dont say it is just about sex, because then i will say that sharon and nick are all about cheating and pimping their dead daughter at every turn.

nick and phyllis are best friends, business partners, lovers, husband and wife, parents and family.

and i hope the same comes to chloe and daniel as well. there is no chemistry with lucas.
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