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I don't really understand why people are surprised.

This is simply a plot point. The writers wanted Bo and Hope separated. Same thing happened with J&M - the divorce was silly but they wanted them separated supposedly for some story coming up. I didn't like it with J&M either, but I had decided to just let that darned divorce happen to get it out of the way.

The writers aren't going to come up with something wonderful and compelling, this is just the way Days is now.

They will have them separated and somehow put them with someone else. Icky Dan or maybe Ej for Hope or Rafe - I guess Brady's out of the question? I'm not sure about Bo. Nicole, Chloe, Kate?

This is the new and improved Days. It seems like the current Days audience (aside from Bope fans still watching for their couple) loves random coupling. This will give them lots of story.

Not a love story, but Days doesn't do love anymore. It's all about the porn!
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