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Please link to DR.

Note: This is a three-page joint interview with these actors, and I am just highlighting some of the points which I think will be of interest here, based on past topics and discussions. The actors gave a very engaging interview which is very enjoyable to read and covers a variety of topics. It would really be impossible to write a summary which brings across the tone of the interview or all of the points covered.


SOD asks JS and AZ, "Did you think they were going to go this far with the couple?"

JS answers that he's not positive about this, but he and AZ both got the impression that the relationship between EJ and Nicole was originally intended as just "interference", but that "it was just EJ and Sami". However, he says that the producers seemed to like EJ/Nicole more and more based on what he and AZ did on screen.

SOD then asks them if there was a particular point in the story where they felt the EJ/Nicole relationship was becoming more than they'd originally thought. Both answered that it was probably the elevator sex, where they realized that Nicole might get pregnant. As JS says, "That in itself is a huge commitment for the characters." He says that he got very enthusiastic feedback from people he met who watched the show. AZ says that even before that, when the characters got drunk together, "I felt that I was able to take it to a place that the producers really enjoyed", and that's where she saw the possibility of the EJ/Nicole relationship becoming more than she'd expected. (JS then says he agrees with her - "we made that stuff seem very sexy.")

SOD asks them about whether they have similar work styles, and they both say that they do. Each enjoys working with the other; as AZ says, "we come in with ideas and help each other out... James might come in with something that I didn't see, so I feel like I might get a nice surprise."

SOD asks them about the personal appearances they've done together. AZ starts off by saying, "the Sami fans are constantly out there going, 'Your scenes are fine, but we want you with Sami.'" She then laughs and says that she thinks people "really like us together" and that physically she and JS match up height-wise.

JS says that he did an appearance where he signed about 200 autographs, and he asked each person, 'Sami or Nicole?' He says he doesn't know the exact numbers, "but it was very close." He continues that this was a surprise to him, given the fact that he and AZ have only worked together for a short time, but "it really speaks to what we were talking about earlier."

SOD then asks a few questions which lead to a discussion of the characters' relationship. AZ says that Nicole had never been "truly in love with someone" except for Eric Brady. Nicole was attracted to EJ but thought there would be no way he'd be interested in her. But then when he was, Nicole wanted his love; "She desires to be in love with someone." However, both AZ and JS then say that the "first attraction" between them was because of Sami. AZ says Nicole "wanted to piss [Sami] off", and JS says that "the first reason EJ started taking an interest in Nicole is that it turned Sami purple."

SOD asks how Nicole feels about lying to EJ. AZ explains that Nicole feels "absolutely horrible, even though you wouldn't think so". Nicole was obsessed with becoming a mother, "because she's got nothing else good in her life". She is desperate, but she is in love. AZ says that "this is not vindictive, this is not, 'I'm going to get this guy' like Sami. This is truly coming from, in Nicole's eyes, a good place."

JS says that he doesn't know what's going to happen in the story: "It'll be somewhere between having his heart just smashed in a million pieces and wanting to absolutely murder her."

SOD ends by asking if EJ and Nicole will have a happy Valentine's day. AZ answers, "I do know that we are supposed to have some good times together according to the bigwigs upstairs!"
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