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Feb 4 2009, 06:06 PM
I don't know it they would put Hope with EJ even though I think that Kristian and James would have great chemistry ... I think if they go for a short term relationship it has to be either Rafe or god forbid Daniel, I don't think that Brady is out of the question either he is John's son afterall Like Father Like Son... Plus Bo could have vision of Hope with another man - that could drive him crazy!
I have mixed feelings about all of this.

On the one hand, if I were happy my couple were still on, I'd try to think it could be interesting and keep an open mind that it will be a good story in the end. But the writing is so one-dimensional I think it will just be garbage. No substance, no nuance, no real feeling. Everything will be played for shock value that is empty when everything is said and done. In the end, you have nothing except diminished great characters.

I can see a couple in love breaking up. People are busy in their everyday lives, perhaps taking each other for granted. One gets involved in something, the other feels left out, and consoles themselves with a friend. They both find themselves spending more time with someone else. One of them strays. It's not about not loving each other. It's about feeling wanted and needed, useful, vital, and losing your way. I didn't want Bo and Hope with Patrick or Billie, but I did like some things about those stories. They just overplayed it till we were sick to death of it, imo.

There was no build-up here. The premise is just lame. I would expect this type of thing from a ten year old, not a real writer.

So once broken up, I don't have faith the writers will show any integrity with how they treat Bo and Hope. That's what disturbs me the most. As much as many fans hated Hope/John, at least they kept the premise that Bo was the only man that 'real' Hope had ever loved and that their feelings were deep and true, and their love could overcome anything, even Stefano. Bo steadfastly stood by her even when he thought Stefano might be the father of their child. He loved her unconditionally (till he realized John might be the father, lol, but he even got over that).

I don't imagine these writers even caring about love being a factor at all. I see them with a character board and lines going back and forth as they discuss the show:

'They've had sex.' 'They've had sex.' 'Here's a pairing we haven't done yet!'

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