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Feb 5 2009, 10:14 AM
Feb 5 2009, 09:28 AM

Quoting limited to 2 levels deeptotally different people to try to push this story, and it didn't work for me!
In EJ's case, relative to what? He was introduced as the charmer with a dark side, morphed into the town psychopath and was instantly whitewashed into Mr Mom/Caroline Brady's BFF. The phrase "out of character" makes no sense when he/she has had no fixed identity over any prolonged period. "In character" is pretty much whatever the current writer says it is.
Irregardless of whether we may differ on how we have seen EJ portrayed since his arrival, a couple of things had stayed constant. EJ was smart and EJ was witty. You can't say that now. He's been dumbed down to play this storyline. True, different writers have changed him to suit their needs, but up until this storyline he was NEVER dumb. I can't stomach dumb EJ.

I'm glad he was pulled back from the "psychopath" character that Hogan started out with, that extreme of a character had no longevity. That's precisely why they changed him. JS was too popular to feed to the wolves at that point. I think they went to far making him weak during the first part of 2008, but even in his weakness, he was never stupid. He was always one step ahead.

I agree with SocRmum, he's looking a WHOLE lot like Austin right now!! :puke:
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