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Feb 5 2009, 11:35 AM
I am an EJ fan first and foremost and I just want the better story to be told for my character .... The best story IMO is not EJ having a lovestory with Nicole - the best story is a lovestory with EJ and Sami. Nicole is a Walker and she is a grifter there is no drama in an EJ and Nicole lovestory. The Drama lies with a lovestory between a DiMera and a Brady and the family that they produce.
You know, I would've thought I was an EJ fan first, but this storyline has shown me that I'm not. I've discovered I'm just an ole romantic at heart. I love a good love story. I think that's why I started with Days back in the 80's in the first place. Sorry, but Ejole, Ecoli, or whatever name they go by, is not a love story. I don't think these writers can produce a good story, let alone a good love story.

Given, if Days had some good writers, the Dimera/Brady lovestory could be something worth watching. Right now, nothing on Days is worth watching, not even EJ.
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