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Feb 5 2009, 11:35 AM
I am an EJ fan first and foremost and I just want the better story to be told for my character .... The best story IMO is not EJ having a lovestory with Nicole - the best story is a lovestory with EJ and Sami. Nicole is a Walker and she is a grifter there is no drama in an EJ and Nicole lovestory. The Drama lies with a lovestory between a DiMera and a Brady and the family that they produce.
I disagree, I think there is plenty of drama in an Ejole lovestory. Also, I really do not think the Dimera/Brady thing matters anymore ... since Tony will be leaving, and J&M are gone, and EJ isn't the "bad" Dimera soldier anymore, and Stefano has been pretty harmless for some time now ... there just isn't any conflict to be played. For a long time Sami's family were being written as supportive of "whatever" she was supposedly feeling for EJ, so I just do not see the Brady/Dimera conflicted-dramatic-lovestory that some want, and I admit, could have been a good story in the very beginning. That opportunity is long lost, IMO. I think that there is plenty of drama to be played between EJ and Nicole. If couples were only interesting and stories were only good if the families opposed each other, then we wouldn't have any worthy couples on the show (or potentially worthy).
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