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That's what I fear about this. Maybe it could be a good story but I doubt the emotional connection or even discussion will be there to make it one. So far the writers have proven they lack any ability to have characters actually discuss complex emotions. Like exactly why does Chloe love Lucas to the point where this is a struggle for her with the whole Dan thing. It's empty and hated as most of it seems completely superficial. The EJ/Nicole/Sami situation is similar - saying the same thing over and over again does not mean we understand the emotion and motivation behind any of their actions. So with Hope leaving Bo, I imagine we'll be left feeling less than nothing - there won't be any depth beyond the 'i can't trust you anymore' 'i was trying to protect you' superficial conversation - which is not enough to warrant her leaving or for us to feel torn or emotionally vested over her decision, which is why I think the whole SL is garbage from start and likely to finish.
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