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Feb 6 2009, 12:59 AM
Feb 6 2009, 12:36 AM
I will always adore Stephen and Mary Beth, but Steve and Kayla have just NOT clicked this time around. Sometimes, you just can't create magic again. Reckell and Alfonso did, but they weren't off the show for 16 years.
I think one thing with Steve and Kayla was that they never really got a story....if they did it really didn't last that long or wasn't frontburner. They were just two of characters who were brought back that Corday expected to bring in ratings automatically, I think a problem with him is that he expects the presence of characters to just bring people back in flocks. And also, their return was hurt by the fact that right after it happened, there was the huge JER-Hogan transition. Hogan very quickly tied up the amnesia storyline, they reunited, and there was Billie for a short time, the brainwashing story which was screwed with, then just little stories or supporting roles(Pocket, wanting a baby, etc etc.). Then Ava, and that was about it. They never got the story they deserved, or a big story at all.
I think you touched on an excellent point and one that doesn't just apply to returnees but to vets currently on the show as well.

I think for the longest time he counted on veteran presence and big name returns alone to bring in numbers. I think all soaps do, outside of Y&R. I think that is part of the problem. They think the character or actor is enough and don't put enough effort into the story. We've seen this so many times in the last decade. It speaks to the very short-sighted view TPTB at all these shows have adopted. They think about the short-term and not the long-term. It's all about the quick fixes and what can stop the bleeding now and not enough about the long-term. Y&R avoided this for the most part except under LML and Days seems to be getting back to it now but they have a ways to go.

You use people because you have a reason. You bring people back because you have a reason. There needs to be a reason and a story in place or the idea just flops.
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