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Feb 6 2009, 02:15 AM
Feb 6 2009, 01:51 AM
Not to mention, Days hadn't set a precedent for bring back people after really open-ended exits. It did that with Renee Jones twice in one year. The way Days casting has gone in recent years and the weird way this all went down...there is reason to believe there is something more to it. Again, maybe it's just me. We'll see. Something just bugs me and the last time I felt this way was with Renee Jones both times and she came back. Doesn't mean it will happen or that I'm psychic but it does speak to the situation IMO and it's similarities. Something tells me something is up and we'll see what happens.
Tim, I think another difference between the previous scenarios you mention (such as Renee Jones) and SN/MBE is that now, we know these cast cuts are coming at the same time as the 40% budget cut and the paycuts we've heard about for some other actors such as PR/KA. That was never the situation before.
Actually, RJ's first firing was part of the last big cast cut. Yes, this one is different but SN and MBE took cuts when they came back. There are similarities still IMO.

As I said, we'll see. I know I'm the only one who is bugged by this and is thinking there is more to it. I just can't shake that feeling. I will either be lucky because I turn out right or look like a buffoon (which is nothing new LOL).
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