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Feb 6 2009, 07:41 PM
Feb 6 2009, 12:36 AM
I will always adore Stephen and Mary Beth, but Steve and Kayla have just NOT clicked this time around. Sometimes, you just can't create magic again. Reckell and Alfonso did, but they weren't off the show for 16 years.
I'm a newer fan, and I found enough about them to love to turn Days from occasional sick day viewing to must see tv, at least through last spring.

I do remember when Hope first came back, and half the audience hated her for coming between Bo and Billie and for getting RKK fired. It took a long time for most people to accept B/H again, and it seemed like they were almost destroyed again after what Reilly did to them in 2006. But they were rehabilitated both times, because they were given time and writing, something S&K didn't have the benefit of after the Ava trainwreck. I think the conventional wisdom on B/H varies from year to year and storyline to storyline.
The difference is, is that when Peter Reckell returned as Bo, and KA and PR were reunited on screen, the ratings were at #2, and they were #1 in demos. The characters of Bo and Hope were on from 1983-1987, Hope was on in 1990, and when Reckell left the show in 1992, RKK kept the character of Bo alive (and thus Hope), until KA returned in 1994, and Reckell in 1995. Steve and Kayla were off the show for 16 years and hardly ever referenced on screen. They just weren't relevent on a show anymore that was 100% different from the show they had once been a part of.
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