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^I have to disagree!
Its fine to make the character of Melanie a clueless business woman....but a WOMAN..not a child! I like the SL in that both huge companies are vying for this Earth-saving project and it all lies w/the hands of a character like Melanie.
But..this actress SUCKS...its her first job....and it REALLY shows! If theyre going to bring in a "green" actor for this juicy role at least make her LOOK OLDER. She really looks out of her league and its such a waste of a decent SL!

As for Austin and Sami. I actually liked Sami when she worked w/Nicole and they had their little spats...and Austin I believed as someone who worked in advertising...inventor of super great product...no....but making up ads....I could buy!
How about buying Sami working in the hospital....now...THATS a stretch!! :lol:
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