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Feb 7 2009, 02:12 AM
^I have to disagree!
Its fine to make the character of Melanie a clueless business woman....but a WOMAN..not a child! I like the SL in that both huge companies are vying for this Earth-saving project and it all lies w/the hands of a character like Melanie.
But..this actress SUCKS...its her first job....and it REALLY shows! If theyre going to bring in a "green" actor for this juicy role at least make her LOOK OLDER. She really looks out of her league and its such a waste of a decent SL!

As for Austin and Sami. I actually liked Sami when she worked w/Nicole and they had their little spats...and Austin I believed as someone who worked in advertising...inventor of super great product...no....but making up ads....I could buy!
How about buying Sami working in the hospital....now...THATS a stretch!! :lol:
In all fairness, they probably didn't intend to put her in the story they did at first and the actress plays younger then she is. The show made the mistake of making her 18. That was dumb. There really is no need for a recast IMO.

As for Austin and Sami, I'm talking about their early days. I'm not talking about 2005-2006 when Austin, Sami, and Nicole were working together. I'm talking about when Sami was around Melanie's age and a corporate exec at Titan. She actually had a title and was being treated like a serious business woman, which is my point. They tried to portray her seriously as that while the show is not trying to do that with Melanie here. This all fell into Melanie's lap and all she does is own the rights. She knows nothing of business or the project.
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