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Ok I get that shes inherited the project and is not a businesswoman...but if she's trying to pull a con job..on Vic AND Stefano...you have to be smart about it. I would think she could talk to Max about the project (he did fix it?) to get to know some of the key components, she can talk to Kate about being a business woman and how she got to the top.

I just dont see her being cunning and just relying on the bat of her eyes and stupid pout. I can see her fooling Phil because he's too busy trying to woo Stephanie and getting into the sand box w/stupid lame insults to Melanie, that I can see her getting the one up on him. Now, I think Brady's playing it smart- like Phil is "bad cop" and he's "good cop."

If you're thinking movies about young teens seducing olderr men..like "The Crush" w/Alicia Silverstone...yes...I can see that, but I cant see it w/MB's acting!
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