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Viewing Single Post From: 'Will' recast and first airdate
Pudge Goddess
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Feb 8 2009, 04:14 AM
Am I the only one who really loathed their previous Will?

I have no ill will for Chris Gerse personally, none at all.

But he was just a horrible, horrible choice for Will. He looked NOTHING like Sami or Lucas, he really wasn't that great in the part, etc. Someone said earlier in the thread that he looked more like Lucas, when really he didn't resemble either of his parents at all.

This one looks a bit more fitting, I'd say. But acting wise, we'll have to wait and see. Although with the writing on the show currently, who really can make anything of it?
I liked him well enough in the role when he was younger, but once he entered puberty he was awkward, like a lot of kids are at that age. He looked nothing like Lucas and Sami. I thought he could have passed for Austin's kid.

The new Will looks like he could be Lumi's, resembling Sami the most. I'm glad they're bringing the character back. I'd like to see him call Sami on the carpet for her brilliant moves over the past couple of years. :drunk: It would also be interesting to see Sami and Lucas dealing with him pulling stunts and schemes like they used to do.
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