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i think that Brady is staying at Marlena's apartment, so either Sami moves in there WITH Brady, or one of them probably moves into John's old loft apartment. Sami and Brady living at the apartment together could be interesting... especially once she gives in and brings Grace back from the convent. I am thinking that when she goes to see Lucus at the hospital, the first thing he's gonna ask is where's the baby... Will will probably walk in right about then and asume that they've gotten back together and be all happy and demand to see his newest sibling. Sami will tell Lucus that she left her daughter at the convent, and Will and Lucus will talk her into going and getting the baby.... and after she leaves Lucus will tell Will that EJ is the baby's daddy, and that he needs to get used to the idea that his mom is in love with EJ and that they aren't getting back together. Then the two of them are gonna work hard to convince Sami to tell EJ the truth. I think that she'll leave Grace with Will when she goes to see EJ and the twins... I'm guessing it will happen at the mansion.... minus Stephano, Nicole and Sydney.... (Stephano busy taking care of business and Nicole taking Sydney and running as fast and as far as she can get away from the house while Sami is there cause she doesn't want Sami to see the baby for fear she'll instinctly know the truth).... I'm guessing that Sami will finally fess up about her feelings for EJ and beg him not to marry Nicole..... not bringing up Grace at all, cause if he chooses her, she doesn't want it to be because he feels a duty to be with her. EJ's gonna have to make his choice..... I am thinking he's gonna decide to go ahead with the wedding to Nicole since he believes she is less of a handful.... less stress... less work.... so on and so forth... plus he'll feel beholden to her because of Sydney. Sami will somehow get ahold of the truth about Nicole's miscarriage and run to the church and stop the wedding telling EJ that Nicole has been lying to him and she can prove it. Nicole will probably think she's been found out some how and will be the one to shoot herself in the foot by tripping all over herself to try to explain what she did and why she did it... starting with the miscarriage and not stopping till after she admits blackmailing Dr. Baker to switch the babies, giving her EJ's child... and Both Sami and EJ will be stunned... since Sami had no intention whatsoever of even mentioning Grace.... not to mention the fact that she had NO idea that Nicole had stolen her child.... but this is just what I think will probably happen.
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