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This week's SOD features an interview with Ken Corday about the recent firings.

- Corday says about Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans: "They're not leaving Salem. They're not dying. They're just not going to be on the air. You might see one or both of them pop up on other episodes, but it's not going to be a significant exit."

- Corday explains that "there is only so much airtime". He says that if the show were "cash richer", they would have kept Nichols and Evans, but "if you keep people with that much history, regardless of how much they make, they should be in story." Corday explains that because of the financial restrictions on the show, only so many people can have story, so he had "some hard choices to make".

- Nichols and Evans have already taped their last shows.

- Thaao Penghlis was out of the country doing mission work when he found out that Tony would be written out. "I've spent over 20 years on that show, and a producer from Passions came in with a vision, and all I can say is I'm in good company," he says.

- Penghlis will be in a big story before he leaves. His last tape date is March 4th.

- Corday was asked about whether the age of those fired played a role. Corday says no. "Maggie has more story, Caroline has more story, Stefano and Victor have more story, so it's not an ageist thing." He says it's not true that the "old guard" is leaving Days; he says Bo and Hope aren't going anywhere and that they have a story and "that will continue". He acknowledges the show is losing "two huge couples", but "in their place, you'll be seeing appearances by other veteran cast members."

- Rachel Melvin has given her notice and will be leaving when her contract expires this spring. Corday says, "I called her and I applauded her move." He told her it hurts to lose her and that the character will not be recast; the door remains open for her return. He also told her that "it's time for you to spread your wings, and I want to see you in feature films and big television". Corday says he's sad to lose her because they had a "warm and fuzzy" storyline with Max and Chelsea, but Darin Brooks is staying and they will find Max another love interest.

- Corday was asked about the report that he "hates" Drake and Deidre. He says that nothing could be further from the truth - "I love them both." He says "it was never a personal thing" and he considers them "lifelong friends". He hopes their paths cross again.

- Corday says regarding the possibility of more cuts: "We're done." This week, Corday will address the cast and crew and hand out t-shirts with a special message. He is going to tell them that this week their new contract with NBC starts, "and the difficult, onerous, painful bloodletting of this transition is over."
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