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Must it even be said? Ken Corday is a colossal idiot.

It's such a shame that Steve and Kayla aren't even being given an exit story, but then again, after seeing what was written for J&M's exit, perhaps this is a blessing in disguise.

LMAO @ Thaao Penghlis referring to Gary Tomlin as the "Passions producer!" I guess that says it all, no?

I'm sad that Rachel Melvin is leaving. She's such a great talent and she's also one of the few young characters that I've actually enjoyed over the last few years. I don't blame her for abandoning ship though. It's going down faster than the Titanic and anyone who's smart would make the leap sooner rather than later.

As for Max and his new love interest, color me uninterested. I'm so not looking forward to any of that. Then again, I'm not watching anyway, LoL.

I hate this show.
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