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First off, Rachel must have had an out in her contract. Also, Corday's BS about being ok with her leaving is ridiculous because he clearly never said any of that. He wanted her to stay and wanted Chex. Sounds like him trying to save face but whatever. Glad they are not recasting and I bet she returns at some point because I don't she her getting all that much out there. Part of me thinks Rachel has been down on the show since Chan blew up. She didn't see happy or enthusiastic and now her not wanting to talk about the show in her blog makes sense. She never seemed into a repeat of Chick or Chex so part of me saw this coming more then I would've a year ago. I still thought she would at least finish her contract but whatever. Chelsea and Max redux I liked at first but the lack of airtime hurt it and I would rather not have it at all. I really hope the new love interest for Max is Abby or at least a Horton from the past or something. Losing Rachel sucks because of her talent but the silver lining is we avoid another pairing of Max and his niece. I just pray they don't go back to Stax. The lack of screentime, though, will help in regards to Chelsea because I'm already used to her not being there.

I figured Steve and Kayla's exit was handled like it was to keep open the idea of them popping up when needed later on. Corday has said shit like that before but I won't get my hopes up. They seem to be using MBE more now then SN and I can actually see her making an appearance here and there. SN seems to be in the doghouse or something. Whatever the case, I just wish they would send them out of town or something for closure.

Nothing new on Thaoo although his tossing out the line "a producer from Passions showed up" was kind of funny LOL. His last tape date is March 4 and they seem 3 weeks ahead right now. With Ali back, taping may pick up a bit so I would say Tony will last air around the end of March.

I'm glad Corday at least commented. I thought he was finished commenting until this was over but, since the cuts are through, I can see why. Shocked there won't be more. I was expecting at least one or two more but maybe with Melvin leaving even the little she makes might make a difference. He is right though. The show still has it's vets, although Caroline has not been used much. I hope we see Maggie, Victor, etc continue to be used. I do agree it's nothing ageist. It's just that the vets make more money. I see what he is trying to say about there only being so much airtime but it's just now that he is noticing this? This show has always kept some people around for no reason at all and that is why it's cast and budget bloated and now he finally realizes you can't just keep everyone you like for no reason at all? Christ, Corday...a little slow on the uptake, eh? :laugh:

As for J&M, he wouldn't tell you if he hated them. Hell, he needs to be careful in case he needs them back. I love how he mentions these characters aren't dying. As if dying means shit on this show LOL.

I will say again that while characters like Victor, Maggie, Caroline, etc can't replace those lost for some, they can for me. Maggie should be used like she is and, again, no one person or people are the show, regardless of popularity. Casts are supposed to change over time. Days relied far too long on the same couples and characters. A change was needed eons ago. I will miss these people but it's time. There is no suspense and very little that can be done that would new, fresh, and exciting. Yes, I do realize the show is rehashing old plots but it's with new characters and new dynamics. That makes it new and fresh in my mind. I just hope Days takes this chance to rebuild the Horton's. I can see that happening now. They have Maggie being used more and have tied her back in with Lucas' life. They are bringing Will back. I say bring Abby back for Max. Maybe bring on Sarah Horton. They have a chance here to finally build that family back up and I think they have to, especially with Frances not doing well. I think that is a large part of why they didn't even think about getting rid of Bo and Hope given her Horton connection.
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