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First thing's first. Why can't we get one set of previews that come from Dena Higley's, THE HEAD WRITER, mouth? This makes me more annoyed that she's in this position when she shouldn't be.

Bo/Hope: Corday says that Bo tells Hope that Bo had a vision of her making love to another man. Hope tells Bo that this would never happen. "And keep in mind that some of Bo's messages are mixed."

I'm done with Bo's visions. This story needs to end. Like now. It makes any conflict they give Bo and Hope cheap and stupid.

Rafe/Sami: Rafe visits Sami in Salem. They share their first kiss, "which a jealous EJ witnesses".

Ugh! I was hoping Rafe was going to leave after the witness protection program storyline ended. Hopefully, once he's intergrated into the canvas more, he'll become more tolerable. But I can't stand him now.

Nicole/EJ/Mia/Tony: Nicole is relieved because Dr. Baker leaves town. She thinks her secret is safe. "But Mia sneaks back into Salem and runs into Tony, who then realizes Sydney is not Nicole's biological daughter." Tony confronts Nicole on the day of Sydney's christening. "Nicole witnesses an event that forces her to choose a side, and her decision could derail her entire future."

Okay. So Nicole must be invovled in Tony's death. I wonder if Tony's death is accidental, and Nicole could prevent it, but chooses not to because he knows her secret, or if he's actually killed by someone and Nicole sees this happen.

So glad to hear Dr. Baker is gone. Hopefully he won't be returning any time soon.

DiMera vs. Kiriakis: "The weight of the story is Victor/Stefano being the titular heads of their immediate families, and how they play out in the midst of this drama and blood war is good." One side suffers a "tragic loss" in this war. Tony is fed up with how Stefano is favoring EJ, so he decides to "strike out on his own" and leave the DiMeras. Stefano is very angry at Tony's disloyalty.

They would start finally using Tony, only to kill him off. :flipoff:

I wonder if Kate's going to part of this storyline. They should've at least mentioned her being in the middle of it.

Lucas/Chloe/Daniel: Lucas survives the explosion, and Chloe asks him to elope, because she is still fighting her feelings for Daniel. Lucas "gets advice from an unlikely source" and agrees. They go to Vegas, but Kate follows and tries to stop them.

Lucas's unlikely source is probably going to be Sami. Or they could make this storyline even more gag-worthy and make Daniel be the one that advises him to go. Or maybe it's Maggie. I don't know. I'm over the triangle and have been since it started.

Why is Kate stopping the wedding? Does she find out? I have a feeling this fallout is going to be very mediocre, just like all of Higley's fallouts.

Max/Chelsea: Max and Chelsea "take their relationship to the next level", but this does not "sit well with Bo". Chelsea moves out of Bo and Hope's house. She and Stephanie get an apartment together.

I didn't have a problem with Max and Chelsea getting back together because they were already there and it wasn't as bad as Max and Stephanie, considering Chelsea just became a member of the Brady family. But now we have Bo having a problem with his daughter being with Max. Why? If it's not the family thing, and they start writing that Bo doesn't want Chelsea with Max beacuse of his womanizing ways, then I'll be pissed. Where was this the first time they dated? Bo didn't seem to care that he was a player or that he was her uncle. Why now?
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