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Sounds great.

The introduction of an interloper into Bope story was expected, as DAYS viewers already proved they donīt care about any story unless itīs somewhat relationship based. I was afraid the current conflict will fizzle, but this sounds logical and even intriguing. First, who could be that guy, and second, will Hope really sleep with him?

Very good, IMO.

I like Chelsea and Steph living together, and it makes sense because Stayla will disappear soon. Even Melanie is shown at Maggieīs here and there so itīs weird Steph as much more important character is never at home. I think Chels and Steph living together will be a lot of fun.

The Tony stuff sounds interesting and we already have two suspects. Nicol and Stefano. I wonder whatīs the earth shattering event.

Thereīs no much about the DiMeras vs. Kiriakis, but judging from the screen the story is really heating up. Again, I think making it more personal and not just about power and money was very smart. We have EJ fighting with Brady over Nicol, I would guess Victor and Stefano over Kate and there is another whole layer with Phillip/Steph and their conflict over Melanie. IMO itīs much better than last yearīs John vs. Phillip.
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